Our commitment to innovation is more than something
we say, it is something we live each day.

MES’s Wrapped Tubular Stamping Technology is a game changer for the metal stamping industry. Our ability to redesign parts that have traditionally been produced using more costly manufacturing methods such as casting, hydroforming, or clamshell stamping processes allows us to help our customers find new ways to improve performance, reduce weight, improve quality, and reduce cost.


As a manufacturer of engineered products, MES’s proprietary and patented manufacturing methods solve many of the industries most complex problems. Our product engineers, sales engineers and AME team work side by side with our customers design teams, learning the important nuisances of each product and how it functions. Our ability and flexibility to integrate directly with our customers engineering team has helped us earn the reputation of a trusted supplier partner to our customers.


MES’s investment into early involvement in new projects is second to none in the industry. We have dedicated the necessary resources to work through important design and manufacturing details early in the development cycle, eliminating the need for late design and process changes.

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