Internship Program

At Middleville Engineered Solutions, our focus is on helping you achieve your goals and jumpstart your career in manufacturing. Our internship program is designed to get you on the floor, working with our top notch team and our equipment. You will be making a difference by solving real-world problems using our state-of-the art machinery and see why MES believes that ‘Innovation is a Deliberate Focus.’

Our internship program allows you to work on real projects, where you will gain real world experience. You’ll have a voice as a part of our team, you’ll be able to work on projects geared towards your degree and projects on the shop floor. This means you’ll have experience on all aspects in manufacturing.

If you love working with your hands and are looking to enter a promising career in manufacturing, MES can help make that happen.

See What Current and Former Interns Have to Say

“I really liked that we were given actual projects to work on that we could see being implemented and the impact of them on the company.”

MES has given me a considerable amount of welding engineering experience in a manufacturing environment. I was brought into an atmosphere of responsibility, where I was progressively given more complex projects to compound my understanding through my entire internship. I was challenged for innovative thought and gained extensive knowledge in this professional line of work. The willingness for others to educate me through my time at MES has shown no limits and i am greatly appreciative for the opportunity to further my education.

-Spencer Lyon

During the course of my internship with MES I have gained a lot of real world experience in a manufacturing environment. As a Manufacturing Engineering Intern I was given tasks to do independently but received assistance when needed. I was given opportunities to be a part of projects that manufacturing engineers would be involved in. I had a very positive experience with MES this summer and gained a lot of knowledge that pertains to my field of study.

-Colin Thomas

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